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About Grow Green Guide


​Grow Green is your guide to creating and maintaining a sustainable garden or lawn space - utilizing non-invasive plants that are readily available in Metro Vancouver. In collaboration with UBC Botanical Garden, Metro Vancouver has compiled an extensive selection of plants that thrive in our local climate, without needing lots of water or chemicals. Whether you’re working in a yard, or containers on your apartment balcony, our practical approach to sustainable gardening offers great ideas and practical solutions for attractive, healthy lawns and gardens.

Using Grow Green as your guide not only makes creating your sustainable garden space easier, it helps the overall environmental health of our region. Grow Green was created to support key regional and local campaigns from Metro Vancouver such as water conservation, rainwater absorption, composting, controlling invasive species, and increasing biodiversity. That's why our plant suggestions and garden plans include tips to create much-needed habitat and meet basic needs, for birds, pollinators, and other small creatures. When linked together, these sustainable gardening spaces give local species vital wildlife corridors, so your garden can play an important role in helping local species to survive and thrive.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced green thumb, Grow Green can help you create a beautiful, sustainable outdoor space with a positive impact on our local environment.

The garden designs and plant recommendations on this site are based the unique climatic considerations for Metro Vancouver. They are not recommended for regions outside of this area.

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